Friday, 12 December 2008

save over 25% on your heating bills

A condensing boiler is a money saving modern boiler that incorporates an additional heat exchanger in order that the hot waste gases transfer a percentage of their inherent heat to pre warm the mains water to be heated. When running at a good efficiency, the water gases developed in the working process distills back into liquid form liberating the latent heat of vaporisation.

A fallout will be this liquid, known as condensate, often acidic, required to be piped away to a waste pipe or water drain. The boiler is required to be placed on a wall and the exhaust gases will rise through the flue. Hot water is initialy served by a little storage tank to enable quick hot water accessibility.
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With energy costs at an all time high and no end in sight, now is the best time to be replacing standard efficiency boilers with A-rated condensing models.

In 2005 the average gas and electric bill was £666, today in 2008, it’s £1,063.*
Household energy bills have almost doubled in price since 2003 and they’re set to rise by as much as 40% this winter, as oil and wholesale gas prices hit record highs.
This increase could mean households paying £400 more a year on average for their gas and electricity, putting more pressure on homeowners already struggling with inflation.
Householders who have had their existing boiler for ten years or more could save around a quarter on heating bills, up to £250 a year**, by simply upgrading to a condensing model.
All Worcester Greenstar condensing boilers are SEDBUK Band ‘A’ rated – the highest efficiency band achievable. They are more than 90% efficient, which means that over 90% of the fuel consumed is converted into heat for the heating and hot water system.

By comparison, many older boilers, which are still being used throughout the UK, operate at as low as only 50% efficiency. Meaning 50 pence of every pound in fuel bills is being wasted.
In addition to high efficiency condensing boilers, Worcester also provides a selection of renewable heating solutions including Greenskies solar water heating systems, which can provide 50-70% of a household’s annual hot water. The solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to operate; they can provide usable energy on cloudy days too.

Greenstore ground source heat pumps and Greensource air source heat pump collections can also dramatically reduce fuel bills. Air source heat pumps work in a similar way to ground source technology, except the air source heat pumps take energy from natural air rather than the ground, transforming it into latent heat for the home.

How can I find the right size of boiler?
You should bear in mind that in the past central heating engineers often put in boilers that had a higher yield than strictly necessary.. Although this ensured that there was little chance of the boiler being unable to render sufficient hot water, even in the coldest wintertimes, it also meant that they were primarily functioning at a reduced capacity, and so working in an ineffective mode. If you have insulated your property since the current boiler was fitted in your house, it is highly likely that you will be urged to install a smaller boiler than before.
You should ensure you get advice from a CORGI installer before purchasing your next boiler
Do I need to put in outsize radiators with condensing boilers??